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  • Infinite Warfare Trainer for Campaign/Zombies

    Infinite Warfare Trainer for Campaign/Zombies
    Credits to the person who made a c# memory class. This is a modified version with a few fixes that he did, GUI overhaul and I added an extra feature.

    Author - Frost (C# mem class maker and obtained some offsets).

    Photo of trainer

    This hack gives you some basic functionality.
    • Godmode
    • Inf.Ammo
    • Inf.Grenades
    • Inf.ExoBoost
    • Set XYZ Manually and also real time xyz co-ords.

    The main core was done by the guy and I thank him. I will try to add some more features in the next revision.
    Do not use this in online if you don't want to get banned. There's always a possibility and I'm not sure. This will only work if you're host. If someone uses this online and they don't get banned, I'll add player 2,3 and 4.

    I'm currently trying to get ATM and infinite cash. The system is just strange. The value for ATM is static but then again there is another value that dynamically changes every game! This makes is very hard to automate without locating the exact pointer. It's like the money system and a pain in the ass.

    I highly suggest you use this offline!

    Also tell me if you want the keys to be num or Fkeys (
    F1,F2 etc)

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    IW Trainer.rar (132.5 KB, Downloads)

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