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  • Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare - Zombies Cheat Table v1.0.1

    Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare - Zombies Cheat Table v1.0.1
    NOTE: If you found out that you was cheating it's not my fault! But the chances are less when playing on your own since there's no theater mode!
    At the moment this cheat table only contain ONE function, unlimited health, other functions are kind of hard since the address are found but when finding for their pointer it won't show anything up and become useless next time when you open the game.


    Numpad 1 - Sets health to 999 and freezes

    I would accept anyone who adds or changes this cheat table and if the function works then I'll add it to the main cheat table and credit you!

    P.S: Yes I'm going to continue finding out other hacks for this game, I ditched BOIII CT due to another person made a simple trainer for it.

    Thanks for thanking this post guys, you really made me discard my time with BOIII mod tools lol, but anyways this is my top priority now!

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    Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare - Zombies (615 Bytes, Downloads)

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