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  • Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Thermal Color Triggerbot [2 Points] [Re-check] [v3] [Updated]

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Thermal Color Triggerbot [2 Points] [Re-check] [v3] [Updated]

    Hey FPSLatino,

    Here's the updated version for The Thermal Triggerbot, I accidentally made a crucial mistake in the older version which made it very buggy

    What can I do with this? (And how to use..)

    This color triggerbot automatically activates when holding the right mouse button, then checks the color of the center pixel, which is either blue or redish-yellow when hovering over a player (when using thermal vision). So when it is this redish-yellow color, the triggerbot clicks the left mouse button. And this is all script based, it does not read the games memory.

    So what will happen in game?

    For example, let's say i'm using the Locus with thermal and I am at a point where I have a great view in the map, I will just be zooming in and targeting players, and whenever the triggerbot detects a player, it will shoot. Great isn't it?

    So how to use it?

    Just change the resolution to your screen resolution, futhermore I recommend not changing any settings, I set them up pretty good. Then select 2-Points and click Enable.

    Latency is the sleep time between the color checks, so if you have lag, lower it . But if your pc can handle it, you might want to change it to 5 - 10 for faster checks.

    Requirements in-game?

    - Thermal (duh)
    - Locus or any other gun that can have thermal as attachment
    - Windowed Fullscreen mode (Can be found in the settings)

    If you have any questions, just ask below


    - 2-Points (Checks 2 Vertical Pixels. Highly Recommend, also fixes the shooting when jumping)
    - Screen size (Your screen size, to determine the center of the screen)
    - Offset (Pixel offset, not necessary)
    - Re-Check (Checks the color value twice before shooting. Not necessary)
    - Mouse position (Uses the mouse position, insted of the screen size. Not necessary)
    - Zoom time (Zoom time is the time it takes from Clicking the right mouse button to actually being zoomed)
    - Refinement (Refines the Tolerance value for triggering the left mouse button, do not change this)
    - Latency (The sleep time between color checks)
    - F8 Pauses the script


    You cannot be banned by this as it does not edit the memory. HOWEVER do not use this too obviously, as people may report you.


    Best Settings (Legit):
    Re-Check (4-5)

    Best Settings (For blue colored Thermal Skin):
    Re-Check (2)

    Best Settings (For red colored Thermal Skin):

    If the bot shoots just before you're zoomed in, raise the Zoom Time

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    ThermalBotv3.rar (396.9 KB,Downloads)

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