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  • Mike's GTA H4x Menu 1.35 Beta

    Mike's GTA H4x Menu 1.35 Beta


    - Great Teleport Menu
    - Teleport to (the nearest Street of) Waypoint
    - Heal
    - Lose Cops
    - Never Wanted
    - Bullet Proof
    - Freeze Ammu

    How to use
    Note: If the Hack doesn't react anymore, you have to ReHook the Keyboard in the Tray
    F5 - Open
    NUMPAD8 or UP or MOUSEWHEELUP = Previous Menu Entry
    NUMPAD2 or DOWN or MOUSEWHEELDOWN = Next Menu Entry
    NUMPAD5 or ENTER or Left MouseClick = Enter
    ESC or SPACE or Right MouseClick = Cancel
    F6 - Teleport (Default: Off)
    F7 - Heal (Default: Off)
    F8 - Lose Cops (Default: Off)

    Note: On the Desktop you can only Click

    Include your own Positions:
    create a positions.txt in the same Folder
    and Write:
    for each Line
    You can get the Coords by Coords or Debug Menu
    If the Debug Menu is open, you can press F9
    in the Background will PopUp a MessageBox with the Coords.
    Press CTRL + A (for "mark all")
    then Press CTRL + C (for "copy")
    do this things just blind, then paste it into an editor and extract what you need

    If you get Issues, say me if you are playing with Steam or Social Club.



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