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  • Roibot - EU/NA Grinding+Farming Bot

    Por favor, ignore el otro hilo que tenemos aquí ya que el desarrollador ya no está con este proyecto es.

    Bienvenido a ROIBOT! Después de 8 meses de desarrollo y pruebas, finalmente me he decidido a venir aquí y publicar un hilo de verdad en ello.

    Aquí hay bots funciones a partir de este momento:

    • Mob filtering
    • Skill selection – Choose exactly what skills you’d like the bot to use and which ones to use chains with
    • Buff selection – Choose which skill you’d like to use after period of time and when to use it (during combat only, out of combat only or both)
    • Autoloot – After the mob has been killed the bot will automatically loot it for you. You can also choose to pick up quest items
    • Auto skill on trigger (low HP, low MP)
    • Auto potion on trigger (low HP, low MP)
    • Auto rest on trigger (low HP, low MP) until both of which are full.
    • Agro mob protection – When player is running the waypoint path and is attacked, the bot will use the enabled skills to defend itself then resume what it was doing. This protection is also embedded in the auto rest feature.
    • Macro gathering for 100% accuracy when selecting the gatherable
    • Can also be enabled with the combat engine to maximize efficiency
    Auto resurrection
    • Bot will auto resurrect on death to nearest bind point
    • Rest after death to let soul sickness expire
    • Agro mob protection while walking the death path
    • Once the player is ready to continue, the bot will guide it back to the combat waypoint path following your pre-set death waypoint path.
    • Record and save your custom waypoint path
    • Ability to select individual nodes within your recorded path to help avoid attacking mobs in an area with a lot of obstacles
    • Centralized location to add and save combat and death waypoint paths to help keep paths for many characters organized
    • Ability to set a max distance from each node to search for mobs
    • Preview death or combat waypoints path after you record them to ensure your player does not run into any obstacles while you leave it unattended.
    • See how your player is doing while you’re gone. This section will show what mob you killed, how many skills it took to kill it, how long it took and how much XP earned for the kill.
    • It will also show statistics for gathering
    Auto functions on condition
    • Stop bot after: X kills, X deaths, system time
    • Quit bot and game after: X kills, X deaths, system time
    Player watches
    • Notify with sound and or desktop notification if another player is following you, in your FOV or has you targeted to a period of time
    • Ability to show or hide: Players, NPCS, Gatherables or Enemy mobs
    • Ability to click on each type of entity to get information about it such as name, health, XP
    • Ability to change the color of death + combat waypoint path for easier viewing
    • Popout overlay radar that will always stay as the top most window
    • Radar is zoomable to get a better view of your surroundings
    Instance manager
    • This feature will allow you to run more than one bots at once or pick specifically which Aion client you’d like to bot with. By doing so you can play on your main character which your bot plays happily away on the other client.
    Complete background mode
    • The bot has no features which requires the game window to be visible and active.
    • All commands the bot uses will not interfere with your computer or you when minimized. The only thing to remember is to disable standby mode when you leave it alone for a long period of time.

    Roibot does not modify or inject itself into the game. It sends the same commands to the game as you would as if you were playing. Besides that it writes to memory the same way Aion would for 2 functions. Because of this nature, Roibot does not have any features such as teleportation or speed hacks. As of March 1st 2013 not a single user has reported being banned from Aion while using this bot. With the recent addition of player watches there’s an even lower chance of being watched for an extended period of time and banned.

    General FAQ:
    • Where do I get a username and password to login? Simple, register at and your username and password is your login. Just remember your username is NOT your email. If you still have issues, make sure you downloaded the FREE bot if you’re not VIP. A simple way to figure this out is if you get a pop up when you first start the bot before the login screen.
    • The bot isn’t targeting mobs? Make sure you have your tab key bound to “Target nearest enemy mob” in Aion. If that doesn’t work make sure you have Combat Engine enabled.
    • I don’t see my player in the instance manager? Make sure you’re logged in and in the game world before starting the bot. If you still don’t see it, open task manager and make sure there’s a AION.BIN *32 in the process list. If the *32 is missing, Aion is running in 64bit which the bot does not support. Close Aion and click the “Launch Aion 32bit” in the bottom left of the Instance Manager screen after you login to the bot.
    • Why do I have to register at your forum? This is how I check for VIP licenses. A license is just a member being in the VIP user group. Once your time has expired you go back to being a regular member.
    All downloads are here: and will always have the most recent version available.

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    todavia sigue funcionando este hack para aion 4.9 ?


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      ¿No existen más bot?