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  • GarenaOwner(Beta!) -GarenaAFK -AutoJoiner- Warcraft HotKeys,Chat -Clan Liker And ...

    Hi , Garena Owner is new app from iranians programmers.
    we are on beta and buggy version , so please help us to fix them.
    Note : you need .Net 2 to run this application.

    Download Link :

    Virus Total Link

    Changelog ( version 0.9.7 Beta ) :

    # Main app:

    * Reset Setting feature
    * Added server msg
    * Active backup auth server
    * change language engine
    * Added Farsi Language
    * Fix some bug

    #Free Garena Gold member :

    * Added 2x server to install GarenaCIG
    * improve Auto install & active GarenaCIG feature@ Auto Download GarenaCIG.exe feature
    @ Auto install & active GarenaCIG feature
    @ uninstall GarenaCIG.exe feature

    #Garena Messenger:

    @ Run Multi Client garena messenger
    @ Ignore garena update

    #Garena Talk :

    @ Run Multi Client garena Talk

    #Garena Room :

    * Added Auto tunnel All
    * Added Enter Room Sound
    @ fix geting your IP by Garena Ultimate metode
    @ fix tunnel host problem

    @ Auto block iran rooms spammers
    @ Auto joiner ( Auto active even if Garena Messenger on normal mode )
    @ Removes 5 seconds wait while joining rooms
    @ Removes 'Room is Full' error message
    @ Leave room while playing
    @ TUNnel all user with any keyboard button or mouse
    @ show admin menu
    @ hides room's ads
    @ uNLock room's from all country
    @ EXP Hack [Basic Member 150xp / 15min | Gold Member 300xp / 15min]
    @ mask IP to prevent detect your IP ( with Trace IP Location , ping , tunnel , Garena Ultimate metod)

    #Warcraft Game :

    * Added Game Started Notify And Sound
    * Added Active Game Windows
    * Added HotKeys Turn OFF / ON
    * Added Advanced HotKeys : Scoreboard , Pause Game , ...
    * Added Fast Armlet Turn OFF / ON
    @ change warcraft finder engine
    @ fix hotkey can't run problem
    @ fix hotkey not work in Single player mode
    @ fix combinatorial button shift + move + skill

    @ saving and sending chat with other languages

    @ Match HoT Keys with 1.23 , 1.24 , 1.25 , 1.26
    @ send series skill , inventory feature
    @ Warcraft full setting feature
    @ change warcraft feature
    @ SelecT any keyboard button or mouse for inventory
    @ SelecT any keyboard button or mouse for skill
    @ SelecT any keyboard button or mouse for movment
    @ SelecT any keyboard button or mouse for invoker
    @ use triple invoker exort after each invoke
    @ disable left windows button feature
    @ send chat to Lobby ,Game ,Garena
    @ default emoticons to send in game

    #Clan Liker:

    before start liker progress must login first acc and go to first garena clan page in list
    note: don't use acc with special characters to like clan

    * Active Multi thread to Speed up Progress up to 9x
    @ No need for any browser,app ,.. to like clans
    @ Auto detect Clan ID
    @ Auto detect Clan like number
    @ pause , stop Liker progress
    @ A choice of four different server according to the ping servers
    @ you can save and load acc list and accounts list
    @ Choice of attempts to request Web pages
    Acc list should be as follows :

    #Garena Calculator :

    @ Garena EXP Cal
    @ Garena Energy Cal
    @ Garena Flower Cal

    #Client Log :

    @ Hide and show Garena Messenger
    @ show Garena Client count
    @ Close all users/one Garena Messenger ,Talk , Room
    @ Hide and show Garena Messenger , Room
    @ show garena room exp and Level
    @ search user by name

    #Auto AFK System :

    @ Auto AFk Garena Messenger up to 1x
    @ Auto AFk Garena Talk up to 20x
    @ Retry AFK Talk Progress feature
    @ Auto AFk Garena Talk without Run talk and use CPU or Ram !!!
    @ Auto AFk Garena Room
    @ Reconnect and rejoin Garena Talk after disconnected

    Note: Available Garena Room server is :

    #Garena Room Server :

    @ server scanner
    @ Add IP
    @ check ip


    Download Link :

    Virus Total Link