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  • EazyWolf v1.0 | Real Inventory | +35 Features | WolfTeam Latino | Enjoy!

    EazyWolf v1.0

    Informations about the hack:

    - Server Supported : WolfTeam Latino
    - Windows Supported : All Windows
    - Coder : HoolyHacks & Aero

    Pictures of the hack:


    - Name ESP : see all players' health and name and their location.
    - FullBright : gives full brightness to the games' objects.
    - Wall Hack : allows you to see other players' body behind walls.
    - No Fog : removes fog in some maps (which actually gives a performance boost).
    - WireFrame : transforms all in-game objects into wires.
    - Chams Color : converts all the players in-game to the color you want.

    - No Recoil : removes the recoil of your weapon.
    - No Spread : removes the spread of bullets.
    - No Sway : removes your weapon's sway (moving from left to right and viceversa) making your movement smoother.
    - Infinite Ammo : gives you unlimited ammo.
    - No Reload : your ammo will increase with the same rate of decreasing when you shot, you don't even need to reload !
    - Rapid Gun Fire : your bullets shot very fast.
    - Continous Pistol Shoot :continuously shot without any delays from your pistol.
    - Always Headshot : all of your kills will be recorded as a headshot kill as well as a real headshot damage.
    - One Hit Kill : you can kill any player with 1 hit even if the person has 99999999999 HP (with any type of weapon).
    - +2500WP : with this features you can choose any type of weapon directly in the first round.
    - Crosshair : give you a new crosshair.

    - Shoot Anytime : you will be able to shot your ennemies even if you lose the match !
    - No Fall Damage : you will never receive any damage when you fall from high places.
    - No Gravity : removes the gravity from the game which allows to you never fall.
    - Freeze Players : freezes all the players ingame allowing you to kill all of them easily.
    - Team Kill : allows you to kill your own teammates.
    - Respawn Where Died : respawns your player where it died.
    - Axis Hack : moves your camera down the map depending on how long you will hold the "CTRL" key.
    - Instant Respawn : your player will respawn in no time.
    - Jump Hack : boosts your player jump when jumping forward.
    - AB-3G Equiped : give you the power of the item called "AB-3G".
    - Z Camera Hack : if you press key ctrl and you will go to the down.
    - Defuse Bomb Anywhere : you can defuse the bomb anywhere you want in destruction.
    - Anti AFK-Kick : you will never get kick after 2 min if you are afk.
    - Swear Hack : you can use any language you want, include insult , [GM] etc.

    - Wolf Dash Ability : you have the power of the wolf dash.
    - Wolf Roll Attack : you able to use roll attack with wolf dash.
    - Wolf Hunt Powers : gives your wolf a huge bonus (50% faster movement, 50% faster jumping, 30% extra damage).

    - Real Inventory Hack : gives you all weapons you want in your in-game inventory !
    - Anti Bullet Bug : your bullet dont bug, and make the real damage with inventory hack

    How to use the hack:

    - 1 : Extract "EazyWolf v1.0[WLS].rar" to where you want.
    - 2 : Start "EazyWolf v1.0.exe" as administrator.
    - 3 : Start WolfTeam.
    - 4 : Enjoy! Press INSER for show/hide the menu and use arrow keys to choose your features.

    Download link:

    If you found any bugs, please tell me in this post and i will fix it, it only the version 1.0, don't worry!
    Editado por última vez por HoolyHacks; en 19-12-17, 21:08.

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